Food machine vfd 380V frequency inverter,variable frequency control
Food machine vfd 380V frequency inverter,variable frequency control
Food machine vfd 380V frequency inverter,variable frequency control

Chinese Mini Vector Control VFD 0.75-4 kw AC drive

CT120G mini frequency inverter / ac drive is a general-purpose small power inverter, it is suitable for small power motor adjusting speed. China professional frequency converter supplier & factory.
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  • Order(MOQ):

  • Type:

    AC Drive
  • Control Mode:

    VF or SVC control
  • Rated Power:

    0.75kw to 4kw
  • Output Frequency:

  • Horsepower:

    1hp - 5hp

Mini Vector Control VFD 7.5 kw AC drive

Mini VFD Features

  • high output torque and strong anti-interference ability
  • featuring a Mini-size design, less installation space
  • Vectorized V/F control
  • Various V/F curves
  • Stable current/voltage restriction, multiple protective functions, safe and guaranteed.
  • 16-step speed, easy to operate, easy to debug
  • Standard RS485 communication protocol.
  • Package: Export standard package or special package according to customer.
  • OEM or ODM service is available

Mini VFD specifications




Input current


Output current


Motor power(KW)

Single phase 220Vac 50/60Hz
















Three phase 380Vac 50/60Hz
















Mini VFD Technical parameters

Input and output parameters

Input voltage

Single-phase 220VAC±15%,

three-phase 380VAC±15%,.

Input frequency


Output voltage

0~Rated input voltage

Output frequency


Overload capacity

150% of rated current: 60s; 180% of rated current: 10s; 200% of rated current: 1s

Technical control parameters

Control mode

V/F control, sensorless vector control

Speed ratio

Open loop vector control 1:200; V/F 1: 100

Speed control accuracy


Speed wave


Start torque


0.25Hz/150% (SVC)

Based functions

Starting frequency


ACC and DEC time


Carrier frequency


Frequency setting

UP/DOWsetting,Analog setting, digital setting, multi-step speed setting, PID setting, MODBUS communication setting

Start mode

Start frequency, DC braking and start

Stop mode

DEC stop, free stop, DEC

+DC braking

Energy braking capability

Braking unit braking voltage:320~750V

DC braking capability

DC braking frequency: 0~500Hz;

DC braking waiting time: 0~10s;

DC braking current: 0.0~100.0%;

DC braking time: 0.0~100.0s;

Auto voltage adjustment

Keep a stable voltage automatically when the grid voltage transients

Sudden frequency down

Keep stable bus voltage while power net low-voltage

Control terminals

Digital input

Standard 5-channel inputs, one of which can be high-speed pulse input (HDI)

Analog input

Standard 2-channel inputs, AI1,AI2: 0~10V or 4~20mA input optional by F03.34

Digital output

Standard 2-channel multi-function collector outputs, one of which can be high-speed pulse output (HDO).

Relay output

Standard 2-channel relay outputs

Communication interface


communication interface for external communication.

Fault protection

ACC overcurrent, DEC overcurrent, constant speed overcurrent, ACC overvoltage, DEC overvoltage, constant speed overvoltage, bus under voltage, motor overload, inverter overload, input power failure, output phase loss, rectifier module overheating, inverter module overheating, external fault, communication fault, current detection fault, EEPROM operation fault, PID feedback fault, factory setting time arrive etc.

Keypad display

LED display

Highlight LED digital tube displays the inverter information


Running environment

Indoors, less than 1km above sea level, without dust, corrosive gases or direct sunlight

Ambient temperature

-10~+40℃, derate 1% for every additional 1℃ when the ambient temperature is between 40~50℃


5~95% (no condensation)


0~2000m, derate 1% for every additional 100m when the sea level is above 1000m


Less than 0.5g

Storage temperature


Mini VFD Application

Mainly for the small power occasions of simple speed control: Conveyor belt,Food machinery,Textile machinery,Wood working machinery

Our advantage
Company set up at 2015, More than 500,000 units DOLYCON VFDs running in the worldwide till today.
Available for all type VFD customization.
18 months warranty.

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Dolycon offers an extensive support system to help customers choose the best product. We care about your business and personal needs. Get in touch today.