Energy Savings in Vfd Operated Air Compressor

April 14, 2022

VFD is needed for the compressor system since the compressor discharge pressure varies depending on the air flow demand from the process. Compressed air pressure is a dynamic variable, hence VFD is applied to the compressor control to steady and optimise compressor discharge pressure or header pressure. Dolycon CT100 series inverter ensure seamless quality and high technology standards:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Traditional compressor setups utilize a direct electrical supply that puts out more than enough energy to power the motor and the rest of the compressor’s functions. Typically, the motor will spin at a continuous speed regardless of the system’s requirements which leads to wasted energy.
If you were to implement a VFD, the energy and speed of the motor are regulated following the demands of your specific application. This ensures that the motor generates only the required energy needed for a particular use without wasting any excess energy from a continuous power supply. This has been shown to result in significant energy savings over time.


The VFD is an electronic module, which is used to change the speed of the motor by varying the frequency applied to the motor. The motor speed is directly proportional to the frequency, and thus changes in frequency impact the motor speed and the amount of power consumed. The VFD can transform air compressors that have traditionally been known as power guzzlers into energy-efficient equipment.

Improve the Working Life of Components
With a VFD installed, you will optimize the performance of your motor and the entire air compressor system which reduces stress on the other components of the system. Reduced stress improves the working life of these parts by almost eliminating the unnecessary wear and tear, prolonging maintenance and repairs.

Noise Reduction

VFD allows precise pressure control and reduced noise level.

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