variable frequency inverter vfd single phase/three phase,vfd inverter
variable frequency inverter vfd single phase/three phase,vfd inverter

AC Variable Frequency Drive VFD for Rotary Cutting Machine

CT210 Frequency inverter integrates the special control logic of rotary cutting machine into itself and has integral control of rotary cutting, splitting, and splitting. It is used for the rotary cutting of wood, which has the advantages of uniform and precise thickness, accurate tail-end control, etc.
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    AC Drive
  • Control Mode:

    V/F control, sensorless vector control 0, sensorless vector control 1
  • Rated Power:

    0.75kw to 1250kw
  • Output Frequency:

  • Horsepower:

    1hp - 1700hp

AC Variable Frequency Drive for Rotary Cutting Machine

AC Variable Frequency Drive Description:

Output Frequency: 0~600Hz
Input frequency:50~60Hz±5%
Input voltage:
Single-phase 220VAC±15%,
three-phase 380VAC±15%,
three-phase 660VAC±15%.
Control mode: V/F control, PG close loop vetcor control( applicable for synchronous motors and asynchronous motors)
Communication interface: RS485 communication
Ambient temperature:-10~+40℃, derate 1% for every additional 1℃ when the ambient temperature is between 40~50℃
Humidity:5~95% (no condensation)

OEM or ODM service is available
Package: Export standard package or special package according to customer.

AC Variable Frequency Drive Features:

  • Unique thickness compensation, better effect
  • Regular downtime, more flexible business operations available
  • Touch integration solution
  • Rotary cutting, fixed-length breaking, split axis control
  • Bio-frequency conversion control system,high yield.
  • Integrated special control logic for rotary cutting machine,cut wood into pieces according to the setting width and thickness.
  • Close vector control mode,high speed control accuracy,strong mechanical hardness and good cutting consistency.
  • Complete identification and compensation,good system stability.

AC Variable Frequency Drive Specification
Inverter model Power(kW) Input current(A) Output current(A) Applicable motor power(kW)
Single-phase 220Vac 50/60Hz
CT200-2S-0.7-B 0.7 8.2 4.0 0.75
CT200-2S-1.5-B 1.5 14.0 7.0 1.5
CT200-2S-2.2-B 2.2 23.0 9.6 2.2
Three-phase 380Vac 50/60Hz
CT200-4T-0.7-B 0.7 3.4 2.5 0.7
CT200-4T-1.5-B 1.5 5.0 3.7 1.5
CT200-4T-2.2-B 2.2 5.8 5.3 2.2
CT200-4T-4.0-B 4.0 12.0 9.5 4.0
CT200-4T-5.5-B 5.5 18.5 14 5.5
CT200-4T-7.5-B 7.5 22.5 18.5 7.5
CT200-4T-11-B 11 30.0 25.0 11
CT200-4T-15-B 15 39.0 32.0 15
CT200-4T-18.5-B 18.5 45.0 38.0 18.5
CT200-4T-22-B 22 54.0 45.0 22
CT200-4T-30-B 30 68.0 60.0 30
CT200-4T-37-B 37 84.0 75.0 37
CT200-4T-45 45 98.0 92.0 45
CT200-4T-55 55 123.0 115.0 55
CT200-4T-75 75 157.0 150.0 75
CT200-4T-90 90 188.0 180.0 90
CT200-4T-110 110 221.0 215.0 110
CT200-4T-132 132 267.0 260.0 132
CT200-4T-160 160 309.0 305.0 160
CT200-4T-185 185 344.0 340.0 185
CT200-4T-200 200 384.0 380.0 200
CT200-4T-220 220 429.0 425.0 220
CT200-4T-250 250 484.0 480.0 250
CT200-4T-280 280 539.0 530.0 280
CT200-4T-315 315 612.0 600.0 315
CT200-4T-350 350 665.0 650.0 350
CT200-4T-400 400 715.0 720.0 400
CT200-4T-500 500 890.0 860.0


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Dolycon offers an extensive support system to help customers choose the best product. We care about your business and personal needs. Get in touch today.