• Solar Pump Inverter VFD application
    Solar Pump Inverter VFD application

    With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the efficiency of photovoltaic boards has become better. The latest developed photovoltaic pump scheme CT112 Solar Pump Inverter VFD has quietly launched and successfully applied around the world. This photovoltaic inverter has learned experience from the previous generation and combined with the feedback from end customers around the world to improve. This article will introduce the CT112 series of photovoltaic water pump inverters. After collecting feedback information from the solar market and end users, we get the following suggestions: 1. Reduce the number of photovoltaic boards Because ordinary solar inverters need high DC input voltage; 2. Support single -phase pump For civil pumps, many motors are single -phase, and many photovoltaic pump inverters on the market do not support single -phase, only three phases support; 3. Support AC / PV channel input At night, if there is no PV input energy, the pump will stop working. And some projects require the pump to always maintain working state; 4. Simple debugging The previous generation of products need to modify some parameters to apply to different pumps, and the new inverter can automatically match the parameters for work; 5. Support remote control Users can use mobile applications or websites to monitor the operating status of the machine, control the system start or stop working. In order to meet the needs of end users and solve the disadvantages of photovoltaic pump inverters on the market, we have developed a new product CT112 series Solar Pump Inverter VFD to meet the above needs of customers. CT112 series Solar Pump Inverter VFD introduction ● Suitable for single -phase or three -phase water pump, wide range of use; ● IP54 control cabinet solution, this solution can be applied to the severe outdoor environment, which can be installed directly outdoors; ● Support the boost module of less than 2.2kW to increase the PV output voltage; ● Support photovoltaic input and AC grid input, automatic switching functions can be achieved without manual intervention; ● Have water level control logic functions, avoid drying and water -free operation, and increase the full water level protection function; ● Start smoothly to reduce the pointed pulse of the motor; ● Low -start voltage and wide input voltage range provides more possibilities for receiving multi -photovoltaic string configuration and different types of photovoltaic components; CT112-2S series: DC input VOC voltage (V): 300 ~ 450V Recommended DC input VOC voltage: 388 ~ 450V Recommend MPPT voltage: 320 ~ 370V AC input voltage: single phase 220VAC (-15%~ 30%) Rated output voltage: single phase 220VAC Output frequency: 0 ~ 600Hz (default 0 ~ 60Hz) CT112-2T series: DC input VOC voltage (V): 200 ~ 450V Recommended DC input VOC voltage: 388 ~ 450V Recommend MPPT voltage: 320 ~ 370V AC input voltage: single phase 220VAC (-15%~ 30%) Rated output voltage: three -phase 220VAC Output frequency: 0 ~ 6...

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  • Energy Savings in Vfd Operated Air Compressor
    Energy Savings in Vfd Operated Air Compressor

    VFD is needed for the compressor system since the compressor discharge pressure varies depending on the air flow demand from the process. Compressed air pressure is a dynamic variable, hence VFD is applied to the compressor control to steady and optimise compressor discharge pressure or header pressure. Dolycon CT100 series inverter ensure seamless quality and high technology standards: Improved Energy Efficiency Traditional compressor setups utilize a direct electrical supply that puts out more than enough energy to power the motor and the rest of the compressor’s functions. Typically, the motor will spin at a continuous speed regardless of the system’s requirements which leads to wasted energy. If you were to implement a VFD, the energy and speed of the motor are regulated following the demands of your specific application. This ensures that the motor generates only the required energy needed for a particular use without wasting any excess energy from a continuous power supply. This has been shown to result in significant energy savings over time. Cost-Savings The VFD is an electronic module, which is used to change the speed of the motor by varying the frequency applied to the motor. The motor speed is directly proportional to the frequency, and thus changes in frequency impact the motor speed and the amount of power consumed. The VFD can transform air compressors that have traditionally been known as power guzzlers into energy-efficient equipment. Improve the Working Life of Components With a VFD installed, you will optimize the performance of your motor and the entire air compressor system which reduces stress on the other components of the system. Reduced stress improves the working life of these parts by almost eliminating the unnecessary wear and tear, prolonging maintenance and repairs. Noise Reduction VFD allows precise pressure control and reduced noise level.

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  • Application of CT200 VFD in Cantilever Beam Pumping Unit
    Application of CT200 VFD in Cantilever Beam Pumping Unit

    Production, distribution and refining applications in the oil and gas industry rely heavily on motor-driven pumps and pumping systems. Keeping electric motors driving critical operations at peak performance is vital to ensure maximum profitability. For continuous motor performance, engineers are focusing on variable frequency drive (VFD) and motor control technology. Because of their ability to regulate motor speed, VFDs are effective for controlling energy use. Most oilfields in China have low efficiency and low production by using water or electric for oil, which causes electric cost account for  a large proportion in oil pulling costs. Resultly the oil industry is dedicated to pays much attention to electric saving. Companies can gain energy savings by using VFDs to control flow by modulating motor speed. A 20 percent speed reduction can help save energy use by up to 50 percent, which means VFDs often quickly pay for themselves in energy savings. The higher the level of motor operating time and the larger the variation in load duty cycles, the greater the savings. For the oil pumping units, to reform the motor drag system with the inverter is prime solution for energy-saving, advantages can be told as follows (1) Raise power factor: power factor at input side can be enhanced to at least 0.9 from 0.25~0.5, significantly decreasing power supply current to lower the burden of the grid and transformer and circuit loss. (2) Improve running efficiency: pumping speed of pumping units can be adjusted dynamically according to actual liquid supply capacity of oil well. Save energy and increase crude productivity. (3) Realize real soft start: avoid overwhelming mechanical shock for motors, transmissions and pumping units, prolong devices use lives, reduce discontinued time and raise efficiency. But some problems needed resolved when the inverter is used in oil pumping units, mainly the attack current and deal of renewable energy. Shenzhen Dolycon Technology Co., LTD goes deep into the craft of oil pumping units, and develops specific software logic based on energy-power double close loop control which achieves continuous adjustment on output frequency and avoid motor electricity feedback and high bus voltage. This avoids braking units and energy feedback units. The core of our solution is constant output power control. Based on PID control, the inverter achieves constant output power control by adjusting output frequency. Under the premise of meeting punching times, it decrease effectively average output power for energy saving and protection of oil pumping units.  Inverter needn’t set particular running frequency, actual output frequency is adjusted automatically by PID close loop control. In the down stroke, due to the large inertia of load, the synchronous speed is lower than the motor speed, the motor generates electricity, the inverter output torque is negative. In this case, the inverter automatically increases the output frequency to eli...

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  • Application of CT210 Frequency Converter in Rotary Cutting Machine
    Application of CT210 Frequency Converter in Rotary Cutting Machine

    With the increasing shortage of forest resources, the comprehensive and efficient utilization of wood resources has become an important issue in front of the woodworking equipment manufacturing industry and the wood processing industry. Shenzhen Dolycon Technology Co., LTD. independently developed a rotary cutting machine touch integration solution based on the CT210 ac variable frequency drive for rotary cutting machines, precise tail tension control, and excellent emergency start and emergency stop control, etc., have won unanimous praise in the application field of medium-sized wood rotary cutting machines. At present, the multi-layer board manufacturer basically adopts the control scheme of control text + inverter in the single board production process. The control part of the control scheme is in the text. The text calculates the rotary cutting frequency of the inverter through the position of the tool post, and then writes the frequency to the inverter through communication to achieve the purpose of controlling rotary cutting. This scheme has the following disadvantages: 1) The control interface is rough: Compared with the touch screen operation, the control text interface has poor human-computer interaction and the picture is not beautiful. 2) Separation of control and drive: The frequency of the inverter is given by text communication, and the communication signal is susceptible to interference. In the environment of strong interference, the tail feeder control is not good or even cannot operate normally. Using the touch screen integrated control scheme, the control interface is beautiful and elegant, and the human-computer interaction is good. The rotary cutting control part is in the inverter, and the touch screen is only used for display. Even if the communication is disturbed, it will not affect the normal operation, and the system stability is better. This article will focus on the application of the rotary cutting and touch integrated solution of Shenzhen Dolycon Technology Co., LTD. based on "touch screen + CT210 adjustable frequency drive for rotary cutting machine + CT110 cutting knife frequency conversion" on the cardless rotary cutting machine. Features of rotary cutting machine CT210 special frequency converter for rotary cutting machine is a special product developed by Dolycon on the CT200 frequency converter product platform. The inverter integrates the special control of the rotary cutting machine into the inverter, and has integrated control of rotary cutting, breaking and ramming. It is used for the rotary cutting of wood. It has the advantages of uniform and precise rotary cutting thickness and precise control of tail tension. It fully meets the needs of customers and can make customers switch seamlessly. Compared with similar competitive products, it has the following product functional advantages: Unique thickness compensation, better effect; Scheduled shutdown, but also more flexible business operations; Integrated c...

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  • Solutions for Water Supply by Dolycon Inverter
    Solutions for Water Supply by Dolycon Inverter

    The water supply system is an indispensable part of the national production and life. The traditional water supply method covers large areas and causes serious water contamination. Meanwhile,  due to the inability to keep water pressure constant, some equipment are unable to work normally. Under the increasingly urgent situation of water supply quality, VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) technology provides a mature AC motor stepless speed control, and this constant pressure water supply solution become more and more recognized by the public. The water supply system is installed a pressure sensor to convert the water pressure signal into a 4 ~20 mA current signal that is acceptable to the inverter. While the system is working, the pressure sensor detects its water pressure in time, the inverter receives the pressure signal, and the difference adjustment between actual pressure signal and given pressure signal constitutes a pressure closed-loop system. The inverter adjusts the frequency by PID output to change the speed of pump. However, the upper and lower limits of the frequency conversion pump operating speed limit the single pump to deal with the peak and low peak period of water consumption. Inverter based on the issue above, extend the water supply-specific logic and ensure the pressure of water supply network is constant and meet needs of users.

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  • Special vfd drive for middle frequency power supply
    Special vfd drive for middle frequency power supply

    Dolycon CT113 series special inverter is based on the hardware platform of Dolycon vector inverter CT100G. It is equipped with mains synchronization function and widely applied in medium power, shore power, fire emergency power and the power system of public facilities in subway, airport, hospital and large shopping mall. CT113 series special inverter Benefits: V/F separate control function to satisfy industry craft requirements. Automatically search and follow resonance points to ensure real-time system efficiency. Switch voltage lock and current lock modes to meet different industrial requirements. Input voltage: 3PH 380VAC±15%.  Input frequency: 50~60Hz±5%  Output voltage: 0~Rated input voltage  Output frequency: 50~8000Hz Control mode: current control, voltage control  Overload capacity:150% of rated current: 60s;  180% of rated current: 10s;  200% of rated current: 1s  ACC and DEC time:0.1~3000.0s  Frequency setting:Keypad setting, analog quantity setting, multi-step speed setting, PID setting, 485 communication setting  Output voltage setting method:Keypad setting, analog quantity setting, multi-step speed setting, PID setting, 485 communication setting Parameters Select the channel for the intermediate frequency power start-stop control command. The middle power control commands include: start, stop. 0: The keypad/panel runs the command channel, and the intermediate frequency power operation, shutdown, forward and reverse or jog is controlled through the buttons RUN, STOP/RESET or MF on the operation panel. 1: Terminal operation command channel, by defining the multi-function input terminal DI1~DI5 switch selection forward, reverse, jogging, etc. for intermediate frequency power supply operation control. Refer to (F06.01~F06.05). 2: 485 run the command channel, through RS485 communication, from the host computer to the intermediate frequency power start and stop command.

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  • China Frequency Inverter for Water Supply
    China Frequency Inverter for Water Supply

    Compared with the traditional water tank and water tower water supply, the variable frequency constant pressure water supply has the advantages of stable water supply pressure, high power saving rate, good reliability, and no pollution to water resources. The following is an example of a water supply factory using a frequency converter to drive three pumps to achieve constant pressure water supply. The special frequency converter for water supply developed by Shenzhen Dolycon Technology Co., LTD. and its application in the constant pressure water supply system are introduced in detail. Water supply system is an indispensable part of national production and life. The traditional water supply method covers a large area, and the water quality is easy to be polluted. The main disadvantage is that the water pressure cannot be kept constant, resulting in some equipment not working properly. Frequency conversion speed regulation technology is a mature AC motor stepless speed regulation technology. Under the situation that the demand for safe production and water supply quality is becoming more and more urgent, the solution of constant pressure water supply through frequency conversion speed regulation is more and more recognized by the public. The field application is a water supply plant in Shenzhen. One 4KW inverter is required to control 3 pumps to achieve constant pressure water supply. The inverter is required to automatically adjust the speed according to the actual water pressure, and determine whether it is necessary to invest in the second and third pumps. A pump is involved in the water supply. Control plan The water supply system installs a pressure sensor on the water supply official website to convert the water pressure signal into a 4~20mA current type signal acceptable to the inverter. When the system is working, the pressure sensor detects the water pressure in real time, the frequency converter receives the pressure signal, and the differential adjustment between the actual pressure signal and the given pressure signal constitutes a closed-loop pressure system. The frequency converter changes the speed of the pump motor by changing the frequency through the PID output. However, the upper and lower limits of the operating speed of the variable frequency pump limit that a single pump cannot cope with the peak and low peak periods of water consumption. The special frequency converter CT110 for constant pressure water supply developed by Shenzhen Dolycon Technology Co., LTD. combines the above conditions and expands the special logic for water supply. Through the two auxiliary relays and the number of enabled units, the peak and valley water consumption can be automatically adjusted to ensure the constant pressure of the water supply network. to meet the water demand of users. CT110 water supply logic description CT110 series special frequency inverter has built-in water supply logic, and optimized PID control ensures constant water pressur...

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  • Application of frequency converter in CNC engraving machine
    Application of frequency converter in CNC engraving machine

    At present, engraving machines have gradually become an essential professional tool for production in various industries. With the development and application of CNC numerical control technology combined with high-performance inverter controllers and servo drive equipment in various production industries, CNC engraving machines have increasingly become the mainstream configuration of the engraving industry today. . Most of the main drive systems of CNC engraving machine tools use infinitely variable speed. Inorganic variable speed systems mainly include frequency conversion spindle system and servo spindle system. Due to the high cost performance of frequency converters, frequency converters are widely used in machine tools. The spindle system is an important component of the CNC engraving machine, and its performance has a crucial impact on the performance of the CNC engraving machine. As the heart of the spindle system, the frequency converter is an indispensable key component. The following introduces the application of Dolycon CT100E Variable Frequency Drive in the spindle drag system of CNC engraving machine. Introduction to the control principle of CNC engraving machine CNC engraving machine control system composition The CNC engraving machine control system is mainly composed of three parts: CNC numerical control system, spindle positioning system and spindle rotation system. The functions of each part are as follows: CNC numerical control system: The design and typesetting are carried out through the special engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of design and typesetting is transmitted to the controller of the engraving machine through the computer, and then the controller converts the information into a stepper motor or servo drive. The pulse signal of the motor, the positioning system completes the design and layout pattern model by receiving the pulse signal to complete the positioning. Servo positioning system: The three-axis positioning can be completed by using three axes that are perpendicular to each other in the three-dimensional space. Therefore, the three sets of servo positioning systems respectively receive the pulse signals from the CNC numerical control system to carry out the engraving and positioning of the X, Y, and Z axes. , you can complete any pattern model in three-dimensional space. Spindle processing system: The servo positioning system completes the pattern and model setting, and the corresponding engraving work needs to be completed at the corresponding fixed-sample position to complete the engraving items typed by the CNC numerical control system. Therefore, the high-speed rotation of the spindle is required to complete the engraving work. Different engraving materials and differentiated engraving precision also require the rotating system to have a flexible speed regulation function. The control requirements of the spindle processing system of the engraving machine to the frequency ...

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