Inverter GPRS
Inverter GPRS

VFD GPRS Wireless Remote Pump Controller

GT86 GPRS is a wireless date transmission terminal based on GPRS network,provides transparent date channel, can facilitate the realization of the remote, wireless and network communication. Make it easy for your device with Internet to connect by wireless.

GT86 has a wide range of network coverage (it can be used anywhere you can use mobile phones), flexible and fast networking (installation can be used), low operation cost (billing according to the flow) etc. Meanwhile a high precision GPS chip has been embedded into GT86, it can real-time supply the location information of product.

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    GT86 GPRS
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    GPRS Remote Controller

VFD GPRS Wireless Remote Pump Controller

GPRS Remote Pump Controller Technical Parameter:

Parameter item



Network type

GPRS class12


Encoding mode

CS1 – CS4

Compliance with SMG31bis technical specification

Frequency band




GPRS network transmission rate



network protocol



Voltage of SIM card



Antenna interface

50Ω SMA female


Serial port level type

RS232 or RS485

Default shipping RS485 interface

Serial port parameters


baud rate :1200~115200bps

Data bits :8

Check:  odd and even 、Mark、space

Stop bit:1

Default  9600bps 8N1

Power supply



Power consumption

Communication status:<90mA@24V




Work temperature



Protection Level



Electromagnetic compatibility

EMC:electrostatic discharge noise immunity test level 3 grade

RFEMS:noise immunity test level 3 grade


GPRS Remote Pump Controller Features:

  • Wide voltage power supply: 9~24V;
  • Large buffer design(serial port to send and receive, built-in 64 KB of data cache),using dynamic partitioning technology to improve system operation speed;
  • Selection of industrial GPRS module, built-in reliable protocol stack, universal ;
  • It contains high precision GPS + Beidou positioning chip, which can realize real-time position reporting;
  • Support transparent transmission, custom registration package, heartbeat package and secondary development of cloud platform, etc;
  • Support data center dynamic domain name, fixed IP, fixed domain network access;
  • Support VPN (VPN network, need to apply to the network operator);
  • Embedded Modbus RTU protocol to support serial server functions;
  • Reliable design of multiple hardware and software, including automatic re-connection mechanism to ensure that equipment is permanently Online ;
  • Supporting virtual serial port function of data center, seamlessly connecting existing upper-computer software, realizing plug and play ;
  • Supporting the IOT cloud platform communication protocol, only need simple settings, can access our IOT cloud platform, through the cloud platform, app, Wechat widget remote management of field equipment. 

GPRS Remote Pump Controller Applications:

  • Charging pile
  • Construction elevator
  • Tower crane monitoring
  • Sewage treatment
  • Air compressor
  • Ball mill
  • Textile machinery
  • Oil field
  • Washing machines
  • Pile driver
  • Grinding machine
  • PV pump inverter
  • PV grid-connected inverter

We can see how many solar water pump inverters are online or offline, and we can click the online system to view the working status of the system in detail. Learn about monitoring, start/stop system, export work history list, change inverter parameters, etc. Please consult us for specific usage.


Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A1: We are a VFD & solar pump inverter manufacture, customized product is available if you have good requirement quantity for them.

Q2: What is your hot items?
A2: Different power VFD and solar pump inverter.

Q3: How about the Shipping Method?
A3: Samples by DHL/TNT express, Patch order by seafreight or by airfreight according to your suggestion in C&F or CIF shipment. If you have your own forwarder, FOB shenzhen or any other China port is acceptable.

Q4: How about the delivery date?
A4: Samples 5-7 days, patch orders 7-20 days according to the order quantity.

Q5: How about the label and the logo?
A6: Customized label and logo is OK.

Q6: How about the warranty?
A6: All our goods are 2 years warranty and we will do free replacement for all the problem items.

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Dolycon offers an extensive support system to help customers choose the best product. We care about your business and personal needs. Get in touch today.