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An increasing Demand for Variable Frequency Drive

April 14, 2022
The global health emergency caused due to the impact of COVID-19 has been staggering unprecedented impact on different industries. The implementations of travel ban and restrictions,shelter-in-place-orders,and shutdowns have slowed down the manufacturing industries and caused trade disputes across the globe.

The variable frequency drive market, end-use industry, such as oil gas power, has witnessed a negative impact due to the spread of COVID-19. Other industry verticals, such as infrastructure power generation, have also experienced a negative impact, due to delay in projects, reduced electricity demand due to social distancing norms, disruption in the supply chain, and organizational changes caused due to travel restrictions.

The primary electricity consumption as energy is dominated by buildings and industrial infrastructure, and it is anticipated that electric-powered motors consume around 45%of the world's electricity in buildings and industrial applications. The growth in public awareness for the need for action on climate change and the use of sustainable technology is expected to deliver greater benefits for the environment while the global economy will propel the demand of VFDs, as adding variable speed drives, particularly in pump,fan or compressor applications that are widespread across all industries and buildings,can typically reduce power consumption by an additional 25%.

The design of modern,high-efficiency motors,paired with variable-speed drives,tends to be flexible and reliable,resulting in the drive's use in buildings with advancement in energy savings features.

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