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Dolycon newly developed DL10 series inverter

July 16, 2023
The DL10 series inverter is a new generation of economical vector inverter product independently developed by our company based on the CT100 series. The product is upgraded while ensuring its safety and stable performance. It has the characteristics of small size and strong economy. Mainly used in light load industry products.

Super chip processor
It adopts the new generation motor control professional digital signal processor (DSP) of the American TI Company, and the main frequency can reach 150MHZ.

Strong compatibility, can drive asynchronous motors
The drive motor type is compatible with asynchronous motors and can achieve accurate self-identification of asynchronous motor parameters. Supports two sets of motor parameter settings, which can realize switching control of the motor by the driver.

Brand new module design
In V/F control mode, high-precision current limit control prevents the driver from overcurrent alarms whether it is fast acceleration or stalled, reliably protecting the driver. In vector control mode, high-precision torque limit Control allows the driver to output strong torque or soft torque according to user process control requirements, and reliably protect mechanical equipment.

In the V/F separation control mode, the output frequency and output voltage can be set separately, which is suitable for variable frequency power supply, torque motor control applications and other occasions.

A variety of vector control modes are available, with large low-frequency output and fast torque response, meeting high-performance control requirements in different occasions.

Overvoltage stall protection
When there is short-term regenerative braking during the deceleration operation of a large inertia load, the probability of overvoltage tripping is reduced by instantaneous adjustment of the output frequency to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the system.

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