Why use a variable frequency drive VFD?

June 16 , 2022
1. Reduce energy consumption and energy costs
If your application does not require full speed operation, you can reduce energy costs by using a variable frequency drive to control the motor, which is one of the advantages of variable frequency drives. VFDs allow you to match the speed of motor-driven equipment to load requirements. No other AC motor control method will allow you to achieve this.

2. Increase yield through tighter process control
By running the motor at the speed best suited to your application, you can reduce errors and increase production levels, resulting in higher revenue for your company. On conveyors and conveyors, you can eliminate jitter at startup for high throughput.

3. Extend equipment life and reduce maintenance
When it is controlled by a VFD, your equipment will last longer and have less downtime due to maintenance to ensure optimal motor application speed. Since the VFD optimally controls the frequency and voltage of the motor, the VFD will provide better protection for your motor against thermal overload, phase protection, undervoltage, overvoltage, and more. When you start a load with a VFD, you don't subject the motor or driven load to the "snapshot" of starting across the line, but rather a smooth start that eliminates belt, gear and bearing wear. This is also a great way to reduce and/or eliminate water hammer because we can have a smooth acceleration and deceleration cycle.

Dolycon is a leading manufacturer of AC variable frequency drives, motors, motion and machine control solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Our innovative products are used in the most demanding applications requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Find a VFD for your application today.
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